The Great Interior Design Challenge

I bet you’re all as excited as I am to find new and cheaper ways of damaging valuable real estate.

The Great Interior Design Challenge is basically a resurrected Changing Rooms, only without Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen sporting Austin Powers outfits and encouraging contestants to try something “adventurous.”


Yeah baby!

There are a lot of contestants, but you don’t have to watch it religiously as they are all interchangably terrible.

It’s not entirely their fault, though. Like all of these shows, the trick is to set a tight budget and a short timescale, so everything relies on MDF, craft skills and creeping desperation. And if the contestants aren’t using enough trash already, there is now an enforced “upcycling” challenge. HAHA. HAVE A JAM JAR, SUCKERS. MAKE YOURSELF A TABLE FROM A TENNIS RACKET AND A BAG OF HUMAN EARS.


This is genius because it ensures that someone will muck up, which is exactly why people watch these shows, and then we’ll be rewarded with a nice spectrum of disappointed homeowner reactions.





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